The change in Holly after TheatreKids has been wonderful.  From shy to outgoing, and unsure to confident, her creative personality has emerged and she is so much more certain about who she is.


Debbie Jones, parent

We were very impressed with how the kids have developed over the year.  Thanks for all your hard work, dedication and passion that you’ve shared with our child.  You do very, very good work.  Standing ovation!


Kristan Anderson, parent

I love being a part of TheatreKids!  I’ve learned all about the process of putting together a performance and have met a lot of great people.


Mathea Treslan, TheatreKid

When I dropped off Ryan tonight, I was so touched by the way he was greeted by his friends. I also thought it was so amazing how the entire crowd of children cheered when they saw you drive up. The whole atmosphere says so much about what you give to these kids.

Nikki Nielsen, parent