Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

We create opportunities for young people to explore high quality theatre through our drama education programs and children’s performances and by partnering with schools and other community organizations to make theatre more accessible to young and old alike.



Our Philosophy

At Sandcastle Theatre, we believe that every individual has incredible creative potential if they are provided with a supportive environment, empowered to contribute their unique ideas and perspectives and encouraged to take risks and meet challenges.

Although we do teach young people methods of approaching scripted work, our final productions are based on original work created in our classes or rehearsal sessions. This means that our language and characters are authentic and meaningful to both performers and audience members.

We believe that theatre has the ability to do so much more than entertain. Although our programs are structured to be fun and our plays are entertaining, we know that our classes and performances, while building an appreciation for theatre, also help young people gain greater insight into themselves, their relationships and the world around them.

Working together to create a performance allows young people to develop extraordinary amounts of self-esteem and develop communication, negotiation and problem solving skills that will serve them beyond the stage.