School Programs

Sandcastle Theatre offers a wide variety of programs for schools, including customized after-school arts programs.



Little Miss Understood– Sandcastle Theatre’s award winning Fringe show provides a very funny but honest look at the challenges of raising and being a teenager.  A delightful play for young and old.  (for grades 6 – 10 and/or teacher or parent groups)

Invisible Threat – a play on cyber bullying for grades 5 & up

The Selfish Giant – an adaptation of the Oscar Wilde story that explores the themes of kindness and acceptance for grades 1 – 4

Project Planet – an exploration of how small changes can make a big impact for grades 1 – 6


Shows include detailed study guides to allow classes to continue to explore the ideas presented in the performances.  For more information on Sandcastle Theatre’s shows, contact


Workshops – for teachers

Devised Theatre – an integrated approach to drama education
a 3 part workshop for teachers

2 hour and half-day drama education workshop – various themes
Custom workshops designed to meet the needs of individual teachers/ groups of teachers.  Perfect for PD days and early dismissal days.


Workshops – for classes

playbuilding workshop series
In 6 90-minute sessions, students use drama to explore a theme such as bullying, making good choices, inner courage, etc. and create a performance piece to share with others in the school community

Improv workshops
Helps students break down inhibitions and come out of their shell while having a great deal of fun.  (Improv workshops can be adapted to exploring themes such as positive mental health, cooperation and overcoming differences.)

Drama workshops for grades 1 – 8
Custom designed workshops that fit the needs of your class.  Experienced drama educator, Stephanie Fowler, leads classes in a variety of activities to explore a theme, develop areas of the curriculum or just for fun.


For more information on workshops for teachers and students, contact